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vibrance live in concert

Get into the Sound Scape of Vibrance

Vibrance Live offers you the exclusive live experience of a cozy concert, a heartwarming atmosphere and connection through sound, light and performance, as well as selected DJ sets to experience joy, harmony and loving bond in well selected company.


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vibe design

Connect & network in a heartwarming atmosphere

Vibe Design is a harmonic union of the design of a space with light and sound, and the design of a vibration among the crowd. Carmen operates as welcoming host and connector using her fine spheric and touching vocals as well as her elegant DJ Sets. 

People start sharing, networking and celebrating together and the time has no end...

But solid Vibe Design goes beyond that. It is also about creating solidly good vibes among the Team, curating the right playlists for every occasion, communicating the message of the company at local events as well as international hot spots and inviting exciting public characters to the in house events. Music artists, photographers, writers, designers and actors mingle with real estate guru's and top athletes and all of them together enjoy the unique, heartwarming and creative vibe.